Doing This Helped Me Get My High School Track Legs Back in a Jiffy


I love including segments of backward running in my workouts: about 100 feet forward running, and then 100 feet backwards, and I do this for as long as me and my dog can stand it!  According to, running 100 steps backward is the same as running 1,000 steps forward, and that going backward burns a fifth more calories than running forward! Other benefits to running backward: You can still run while you are injured:  backward running can be done whether you have a groin, … [Read more...]

Kona Spritzer Makes OVRHD Fitness Product Guide

Kona Spritzer Makes OVRHD Fitness Product Guide

  Now we can raid WBFF Bikini Competitor and fitness personality Emily Reynolds' gym closet! opens up the closets of athletes and fitness stars for us to raid, and even purchase exactly what they're using to get their summer beach bodies! In this "Outfit of the Day," Emily featured her Kona Tanning products:  The Gradual Tanner, Spritzer, and Mineral Bronzing Powder. Thanks for including your favorite tanning products, Emily!  Happy Workout! :-)     … [Read more...]

Reviewed: Kona Tanning Mineral Bronzing Powder


We just received this lovely review on our Mineral Bronzing Powder from sorority beauty blogger The Beauty Chapter by Ali ("the beauty blog of a sorority girl, who loves everything and anything to do with makeup").  Thanks for the feedback, Ali!  Read below to see what she has to say: Current Favorite Brand: Kona Tanning Company Another item that I'm absolutely obsessed with is their Mineral Bronzing Powder which is the most perfect gold/bronze shade for any skin tone. This color is super … [Read more...]

The Best Mobile Tanning Kit – Under $100!

The Best Mobile Tanning Kit - Under $100!

I’ve literally dragged this kit across the world!  It’s been pulled through the snow, hit by a wave, survived New York City subways, Hawaiian Humidity, and Paris Rain.  I’ve even *gasp* checked my kit with airplane baggage!  All of my airbrush guns were stolen though, so I don’t recommend this!! This kit is excellent for mobile tanning, but since it is slightly bigger than what you’re allowed to bring as a carry-on for most airlines, I recommend shipping it ahead of time to your destination, … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Contouring Cheekbones With Self-Tanner


[jwplayer mediaid="3336"] Kona Tanning Co.'s co-founder and CEO Katie Quinn shows us how to contour cheekbones using just self-tanner!  Part of Katie's FREE 7 Days to a Supermodel Tan program! For even more bronzing magic, find out how to tint your moisturizer for the ultimate one-step application, using your very own at-home highlighting and contouring toolkit! Happy Tanning!  And stay tuned - more sunless tanning tricks and tips are on their way! … [Read more...]

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

  Don't forget to set your reminders to wear sunscreen, and reapply after each dip in the water.  Or, there is a new product available that tells you when it's time to reapply - check out Sunscreen Bands, these bracelets work wet and dry on both kids and adults. Code 'SAFESUMMER' gets you free shipping + free sample pack!  Score! This is one redhead who wishes she had these growing up!! :-) Get sunless tanning tips and tricks for one of the biggest bikini days of the year here! Have a … [Read more...]

Gradual Tanner Featured in Emily Reynolds’ OVRHD Fitness Gear Closet

Raid Emily Reynolds' Fitness Closet!

We love it!  Emily Reynolds has merged our favorite things:  fitness, beauty, sunless tanning, redheads, and the color PINK!!! is a new website that opens up the closets of athletes and fitness stars for you to raid, and even purchase exactly what they're using! In this "Outfit of the Day," Emily featured her Kona Tanning products:  The Gradual Tanner and Kona's Exfoliating Body Mitt. Thanks for including us, Emily!  Happy Tanning and Exfoliating! :-)     … [Read more...]

Happy Canada Day, Pretty Canadian Kona Tanners!

Happy Canada Day Pretty Canadian Kona Tanners

On this already-gorgeous day, we'd like to wish our Canadian customers a very Happy Canada Day!  We'd also like to pick up the shipping costs on all orders today, using code 'OHCANADA' at checkout.  Just a little treat from us, to celebrate our neighbors to the north!     … [Read more...]

One Spray of This In Your Moisturizer Gets You a Glowing Face for a Week

One Spray of This Product In Your Moisturizer Gets You a Healthy Glow for a Week

The Kona Tanning Spritzer is concentrated tanning solution - the same exact product we use to airbrush our clients with in our studio!  Imagine what would happen to your moisturizer or foundation if you added a few drops of tanner to it...we can only relate it to adding food coloring to vanilla frosting.  Wonderful things happen :-) Below are step-by-step instructions for how to get a glowing face, any time of year, without changing your skin-care routine.   Here's what to … [Read more...]