How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade For A Spray Tan

How To Choose Foundation Shade For A Spray Tan | Kona Tanning Company

It's such a treat to keep a year-round, natural looking tan! EVERYTHING looks better against bronzed skin. But what do we do about matching our skin tone to our makeup in between spray tan appointments? 1. When you hit the makeup counter, try to visit about 4-5 days after receiving a fresh spray tan. 2. Select foundation one shade darker than your natural skin tone (most faces don't require any foundation at all with a good spray tan.) 3. Then, use a bronzing powder to contour, and … [Read more...]

Spray Tan Contouring: Best Applied Before Or After A Spray Tan?

Spray Tan Contouring: Best Applied Before Or After A Spray Tan? - by Katie Quinn of Kona Tanning Company | More at

One question I get asked a lot by other artists is WHEN to apply contouring - before or after a spray tan? Both options will get the job done, but it's really the artist's preference which method they prefer. Here's why I prefer to contour my clients AFTER I apply their base tan: IT'S EASIER:  Tanned skin makes the client's natural definition more prominent, and easier for me to see. FREEDOM:  After a few minutes, I like to see how the base tan's tanning solution is developing, and … [Read more...]

The 5 Pages Every Spray Tanner Should Have on Their Website

The 5 Pages Every Spray Tanner Should Have on Their Website

We totally understand that freelancers are extremely busy, and usually work alone, wearing multiple business hats. Any time spent on the phone or email is time that could be better spent face-to-face with your clients. To maximize the effectiveness of a prospect's first impression of you, you should stop what you're doing right now and make sure you have the following five pages on your website. 1. About Page Keep in mind that your customers are most likely as busy as you are, and are … [Read more...]

How to Contour Your Body – Katie’s Contouring Tips in InStyle Magazine

How to Contour Your Body - Katie's Contouring Tips in InStyle Magazine | Kim Kardashian |

Great article on InStyle Magazine's website! Check out how to use makeup to contour the entire body, including which makeup brushes to use, what type of makeup (liquid or powder), and step by step instructions on how to apply! Katie Quinn shares her secrets: While we've pretty much mastered contouring our faces, there's still a lot to learn about chiseling our bodies. Believe it or not, the same techniques that are applied to highlight cheeks and slim the nose can also be used on your neck, … [Read more...]

The Spray Tanner’s Trick To Flawless Feet

The Spray Tanner's Fix-It Trick To Repairing Unwanted Stains | Katie Quinn of Kona Tanning Company |

A HUGE spray tan faux-pas that's easy to avoid is that telltale stained foot look. Spray tanners everywhere can work around this every single time by using one of our favorite tanning tricks: a damp towel! Simply ask your client to stand on a damp or wet towel, and it will keep the feet clean and stain-free. It also prevents a common problem experienced while wearing adhesive slippers on the feet, which can leave a ring where tanning solution settles between the skin and the slipper. With … [Read more...]

Spray Tan Business Marketing Guide – Now Available on Paperback!

Katie Quinn’s Beauty Marketing Guide is HERE!

Even the very best spray tanners and makeup artists can struggle when it comes to marketing their beauty businesses in their area. I ran a busy spray tan salon and staff for nearly a decade, before I turned my focus to my private clientele, product distribution, and teaching. I didn’t go to school for marketing or for business – I’m an artist who couldn’t keep up with the demands of both promoting my business on my own, AND taking care of my clients! I didn’t want to waste money on paid … [Read more...]

Should You Be Contouring With a Darker Shade Than Your Base Spray Tan?

Should You Be Contouring With a Darker Shade Than Your Base Spray Tan?

I get a lot of questions from spray tan artists about using separate tanning solutions during spray tan contouring;  one for the base tan, and one for the contouring itself. It's important to keep in mind that layering tanning solution also layers the percentage of DHA that has been applied, resulting in a deeper tan.  In other words, if you use a 9.5% DHA base tan, like the Kona Tanning House Blend, and then add a second layer of tanning solution, the areas where you have added extra product … [Read more...]

The Beauty Benefits of White Tea Extract

The Beauty Benefits of White Tea Extract |

White Tea Extract is on everyone's list of super-ingredients in beauty products, due to their anti-aging and immune-boosting powers! Researchers believe that the antioxidants in white tea extract reduce immune cell damage and oxidative stress to the skin, a type of stress thought to promote uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. As an anti-aging ingredient, white tea extract helps the proteins collagen and elastin do their assigned tasks for the skin. All skin contains the … [Read more...]

The Best Spray Tan Tent to Accommodate ALL Clients

Best Spray Tan Tent for Airbrush Tanning - Fits ALL Clients!

One problem I ran into when I first started spray tanning, was having a tent that was too short for my taller clients, particularly the fitness competitors and models who towered over the tent I was using. After tons of reasearch, I found this 7-foot spray tan tent with a roomy carrying case, and it's worked perfectly for ALL of my clients! See more spray tanning equipment recommendations HERE.   ARTISTS:  Find out how to get the best spray tans of your life, and start making … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Leg Contouring for Spray Tanners

Upper Leg Contouring for Spray Tanners | Katie Quinn's

Leg contouring in spray tanning is so easy - just a few quick sprays brings out the hamstrings and quadriceps in the upper leg, leaving one VERY happy spray tan client! Finish the look with contoured calves, and even without high heels the legs will look toned and fit. Contouring doesn't "move around" when the client moves around.  In fact, I've done contouring on my most publicly visible clients for many years without anyone being the wiser, and some are wearing nothing but their … [Read more...]