The Spray Tanner’s Trick to Keeping Moles From Absorbing Too Much Color

The Spray Tanner's Trick to Keeping Moles From Absorbing Too Much Color | Katie Quinn's Spray Tan Central

One dab of this convenient product in the center of moles, and any areas of rough skin that tend to get "spotty" after tanning, will prevent your sunless tan from absorbing too much color!  Spray Tanners, carry one of these E.L.F. lip lock pencils in your mobile tanning or makeup kits, and clean after each use.  Your clients will love it! Or, offer clients their very own packages of pre-sized mole protectors, with Sunless SpotShields!   ARTISTS:  Find out how to get the best … [Read more...]

My First Trimester Pregnancy Emergency Kit!

My First Trimester Pregnancy Emergency Kit! | Products that will help the newly pregnant woman in your life! |

These are a few of my favorite have had during my first trimester!  I really can't complain, my first trimester was EASY compared to the stories that I've been hearing from my friends. I didn't throw up once, but I had plenty of nausea to go around, and I had a lot of trouble sleeping.  I wasn't hungry for ANYTHING.  Ever. Fortunately, I had these wonderful things to keep me comfortable, and I highly recommend them all to ANYONE you know who has just started her pregnancy … [Read more...]

Katie’s Bridal Sunless Tanning Tips in Martha Stewart Weddings | With Sarah Jessica Parker

Katie's Tanning Tips in Martha Stewart Weddings | with Sarah Jessica Parker | Self-Tanner for Brides

Brides can finally stop their search for the perfect bronze on their wedding day!  With a white wedding dress, self-tanner stains can make even the most confident bride a little insecure. Follow Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine's and Katie Quinn's genius tips on preparing for your special day in their Summer issue, with none other than Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover!     * Katie’s expert tanning tips have been featured in such mega magazines as Australian VOGUE, Women’s Health, … [Read more...]

Top 10 Greatest Gifts – Father’s Day Gift Guide

The GREATEST Father's Day Gift Guide - Top 10 Gifts That Dad Wants | #dads #fathersday #giftideas

You won't believe this Father's Day Gift Guide!  It looks like dads NEVER outgrow their love for toys, or tools (both for the garage AND for the grill!) We got stuck on what to get Dad for Father's Day, so we asked one new father-to-be for HIS wish list, and here it is! 6" Handheld Brass Telescope with Wooden Box - Pirate Navigation 100 Yard 3 Person Water Balloon Launcher *Free Balloons and Carrying Case* Magnetic Cannon Kit - Wooden Desktop Warfare Cannon Pathfinders Leonardo … [Read more...]

The Coveteur Interviews Katie Quinn on How to Un-Botch a Fake Tan

The Coveteur Interviews Katie Quinn on How to Un-Botch a Fake Tan in 60 Seconds |

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we just can't seem to get away with the latest beauty trends without having a minor screw-up or two.  Which is why we were so grateful to The Coveteur for allowing us to spill our secrets on how to un-botch a fake just 60 seconds! One tip we loved seeing in the article: “For a few small areas, a spot touch-up would be most efficient, and the tool to use depends on the size of the areas,” says Katie Quinn, who has tanned and toned the Victoria’s … [Read more...]

Inside Weddings Magazine Shares Tips from Katie Quinn’s Contouring Book

Inside Weddings Magazine Shares Tips from Katie Quinn's Contouring Book

Very honored to see tips from Katie Quinn's book Contouring for Airbrush Spray Tanning on the Inside Weddings website!  Tips on getting the perfect collarbone, the perfect highlighting, and even how to make the backs of your arms look defined and toned with triceps contouring.  It's all in this wonderful article at Inside Weddings, and we want to thank them so much for sharing our easy tricks with brides everywhere! As brides embrace warmer temperatures, strapless gowns, high-low or short … [Read more...]

Limited Time: Sample the House Blend Tanning Solution AND Get a FREE Sample of Our Gradual Tanner!

Limited Time: House Blend spray tan solution sample + FREE Gradual Tanner sample!

  We are pleased to now offer samples of our super-popular Gradual Tanner...and for a limited time, they're FREE to salon professionals!  Get them with your House Blend spray tanning solution sample, and not only get that perfect bronzed spray tan glow, but keep it lasting for weeks with the Gradual Tanner.  Happy Tanning!   ARTISTS:  Find out how to get the best spray tans of your life, and start making your clients feel like SUPERMODELS today with my spray tan tutorial … [Read more...]

Harper’s Bazaar Features Katie Quinn’s Insider Self-Tanning Contouring Tips

Harper's Bazaar Features Katie Quinn's Insider Self-Tanning Contouring Tips |

A big THANK YOU to Harper's Bazaar for featuring Katie Quinn's self-tanner contouring tips on their Beauty page!  We love Harper's Bazaar, so this was a huge honor. From the article: Question: Can you contour your cheekbones and body using self-tanner at home? Answer: Simply applying an even, splotch-free layer of self-tanner is tricky enough; we always assumed it was best to leave the pros in charge of creating six-pack abs, defined legs and Karlie Kloss-level cheekbones with it. Not … [Read more...]

Spray Tan Contouring: Best Applied Before Or After A Spray Tan?

Spray Tan Contouring: Best Applied Before Or After A Spray Tan? - by Katie Quinn of Kona Tanning Company | More at

One question I get asked a lot by other artists is WHEN to apply contouring - before or after a spray tan? Both options will get the job done, but it's really the artist's preference which method they prefer. Here's why I prefer to contour my clients AFTER I apply their base tan: IT'S EASIER:  Tanned skin makes the client's natural definition more prominent, and easier for me to see. FREEDOM:  After a few minutes, I like to see how the base tan's tanning solution is developing, and … [Read more...]

Katie Quinn’s Trickiest Self-Tanning Tips Appear in Harper’s Bazaar

Katie Quinn's Self-Tanning Tips Appear in Harper's Bazaar |

We're so excited to see our trickiest tanning tips featured in Harper's Bazaar!  Read all about how to get the perfect results on feet, knees, wrists and neck...every time. From the article: Each spring, we head into our bathrooms with high hopes that we've absorbed all the self-tanning tips and tricks there could possibly be and that this will finally be the season we get perfect, even, streak-free color at home. Then we wake up to stained sheets and splotchy skin. So we asked Katie Quinn, … [Read more...]