Happy Labor Day to the US and Canada!

Happy Labor Day from Team Kona Tanning!

  On this Federal holiday in both Canada and the US, we'd like to take a moment to wish all of our loyal followers and friends the most peaceful and relaxing of days, wherever you are located. According to the US Department of Labor, "Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our … [Read more...]

Reviewed: Kona Tanning’s Exfoliating Body Mitt


We just received this lovely review on the Kona Tanning Exfoliating Body Mitt from sorority beauty blogger The Beauty Chapter by Ali ("the beauty blog of a sorority girl, who loves everything and anything to do with makeup").  Thanks for the feedback, Ali!  Read below to see what she has to say: My thoughts: This mitt is perfect for spray tans, it makes exfoliating so much easier instead of using a wash cloth that can irritate your skin, or a body scrub. I'm one all about spray tanning … [Read more...]

Kona Bronzing Powder Makes Emily Reynolds’ OVRHD Fitness Gear Closet

Kona Bronzing Powder Makes OVRHD Fitness Product Guide

  We love it!  Emily Reynolds has merged our favorite things:  fitness, beauty, makeup and sunless tanning!!!  OVRHD.com is a new website that opens up the closets of athletes and fitness stars for you to raid, and even purchase exactly what they’re using! In this “Outfit of the Day,” Emily featured her Kona Tanning products:  Our Mineral Bronzing Powder and Kona Tanning Spritzer. Thanks for including us, Emily!  Happy Tanning and Training!  … [Read more...]

Cosmopolitan UK Features Katie Quinn’s Reverse Contouring Tips


  We're really excited that Cosmopolitan UK has featured our tricks for 'reverse contouring', a method of strategically removing self-tanner and using your own pale skin as a highlighter.  Click through for the full step-by-step tutorial! Read more magazine articles and tips featuring Katie Quinn. Check out Katie's original product line of self-tanning tools. … [Read more...]

Make Your Pale Skin Work For You With Reverse Contouring


In this step-by-step visual tutorial, Kona Tanning co-founder and professional body makeup artist Katie Quinn demonstrates how to tint your daily moisturizer, and how to use your own pale skin as a tool in highlighting and contouring the face! Get the products used in this tutorial, and save 20% using code TRAVELBUG20 right now at KonaTanningCompany.com  (in this tutorial:  the Kona Tanning Travel-sized Spritzer). Watch the full-length video demonstration to get additional tips and tricks … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian Inspired Contouring And Eyeshadow Tip Using KTC Bronzing Powder


We want to thank sorority beauty blogger The Beauty Chapter By Ali for teaching us something new with our mineral bronzing powder!  We are well-acquainted with face contouring using this gorgeous compact, but Ali went one step further by showing us how to use it as a crease shade on the eyelids, too - pure genius!!  Thanks for posting Ali! Ali's Instructions: 1. I then started off the shadow by taking my Kona Tanning Mineral Bronzing Powder on a crease dome brush and buffing it into the … [Read more...]

You Don’t NEED a Model to Learn Spray Tan Contouring


Remember those T-shirts you'd always see along the boardwalk at the beach, that had a bikini-clad woman's super-ripped body painted on them?  Or the man's ridiculously muscular physique?  You could put the T-shirt on, and it looked like it was your body!  I used to be fascinated by those, and that level of airbrushing ability just blew my mind as a kid!  The artists literally had no guide to work with, only a blank T-shirt canvas.  Imagine the talent that goes into something like that. … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek at Katie Quinn’s NEW Spray Tan Abs Contouring Chapter


Here's a sneak peek screenshot from Katie Quinn's chapter on airbrushed abs, from her new contouring for spray tanning eBook!  Would you like us to email you when it's here?  Visit AirbrushAbs.com!  A special coupon code to SAVE will be included in the announcement!  We are all very excited about this one - wait until you see the gorgeous illustrations inside!  Holy defined ab muscles, Batman!! … [Read more...]

Reviewed: Kona Tanning’s Gradual Tanner


We just received this lovely review on the Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner from sorority beauty blogger The Beauty Chapter by Ali ("the beauty blog of a sorority girl, who loves everything and anything to do with makeup").  Thanks for the feedback, Ali!  Read below to see what she has to say:   Current Favorite Brand: Kona Tanning Company My Thoughts: I absolutely love this product, I used it in areas where I usually get weird tan lines like my shoulders since in the Summer it's … [Read more...]

Doing This Helped Me Get My High School Track Legs Back in a Jiffy


I love including segments of backward running in my workouts: about 100 feet forward running, and then 100 feet backwards, and I do this for as long as me and my dog can stand it!  According to RunAddicts.net, running 100 steps backward is the same as running 1,000 steps forward, and that going backward burns a fifth more calories than running forward! Other benefits to running backward: You can still run while you are injured:  backward running can be done whether you have a groin, … [Read more...]