Should You Be Contouring With a Darker Shade Than Your Base Spray Tan?

Should You Be Contouring With a Darker Shade Than Your Base Spray Tan?

I get a lot of questions from spray tan artists about using separate tanning solutions during spray tan contouring;  one for the base tan, and one for the contouring itself. It's important to keep in mind that layering tanning solution also layers the percentage of DHA that has been applied, resulting in a deeper tan.  In other words, if you use a 9.5% DHA base tan, like the Kona Tanning House Blend, and then add a second layer of tanning solution, the areas where you have added extra product … [Read more...]

The Beauty Benefits of White Tea Extract

The Beauty Benefits of White Tea Extract |

White Tea Extract is on everyone's list of super-ingredients in beauty products, due to their anti-aging and immune-boosting powers! Researchers believe that the antioxidants in white tea extract reduce immune cell damage and oxidative stress to the skin, a type of stress thought to promote uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. As an anti-aging ingredient, white tea extract helps the proteins collagen and elastin do their assigned tasks for the skin. All skin contains the … [Read more...]

The Best Spray Tan Tent to Accommodate ALL Clients

Best Spray Tan Tent for Airbrush Tanning - Fits ALL Clients!

One problem I ran into when I first started spray tanning, was having a tent that was too short for my taller clients, particularly the fitness competitors and models who towered over the tent I was using. After tons of reasearch, I found this 7-foot spray tan tent with a roomy carrying case, and it's worked perfectly for ALL of my clients! Use code 'KONATAN' at checkout and get 10% off. See more spray tanning equipment recommendations HERE.   ARTISTS:  Find out how to get the … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Leg Contouring for Spray Tanners

Upper Leg Contouring for Spray Tanners | Katie Quinn's

Leg contouring in spray tanning is so easy - just a few quick sprays brings out the hamstrings and quadriceps in the upper leg, leaving one VERY happy spray tan client! Finish the look with contoured calves, and even without high heels the legs will look toned and fit. Contouring doesn't "move around" when the client moves around.  In fact, I've done contouring on my most publicly visible clients for many years without anyone being the wiser, and some are wearing nothing but their … [Read more...]

Katie Quinn’s Beauty Business Marketing Guide is HERE!

Katie Quinn's Beauty Business Marketing Book - for Spray Tanners, Makeup Artists, Estheticians, Hair Stylists, Manicurists, Spas & Salons, Massage Therapists

  Your new beauty business marketing guide is here!  Kona Tanning Co. owner Katie Quinn ran her busy spray tanning salon and staff for nearly 10 years, paying almost nothing for advertising and marketing. She created her own techniques and strategies to promote her business within her neighborhood, and implemented tools and processes to work FOR HER, even after hours, while she focused on her clients and doing what she loved. Katie designed this step-by-step beauty business marketing guide … [Read more...]

Katie’s Lucky Magazine Feature – Summer Beauty Problems

Katie Quinn's Spray Tan Fix-It Tips Featured in Lucky

Great article on Lucky Magazine's website!  Check out how to fix the most common summer beauty emergencies, including issues with hair, skin, makeup, and the body!  Katie Quinn shares her secrets on how to fix botched self-tanner problems: So your self-tanner application resulted in streaks? According to body makeup artist Katie Quinn, you have two options: “If the streaks are minimal, apply self-tanner on a cotton ball or swab and fill in the pale sections until the borders blend and match the … [Read more...]

The Spray Tanner’s Fix-It Trick To Repairing Tanning Stains

The Spray Tanner's Fix-It Trick To Repairing Unwanted Stains | Katie Quinn of Kona Tanning Company |

All spray tanners have been there - your client moves, and you accidentally overspray a leg, or an arm, or worse! Don't stress. All you need to do is keep a container filled with Windex-soaked cotton balls in your studio, and when this happens, just swipe the cotton ball back and forth across the overspray until it's gone. Also works on stained fingers and palms, bottoms of feet, nails, etc.  Just be sure to do this trick within two hours of application.   ARTISTS:  Find out how to … [Read more...]

Enter To WIN A Copy Of Katie Quinn’s New Beauty Business Marketing Guide!

Enter To WIN A Copy Of Katie Quinn's New Beauty Business Marketing Guide!

  If you're an artist, then you know how overwhelming it can feel to market your beauty business in your neighborhood.  It's even more difficult on an artist's budget! After two failed (and PRICEY!) advertising campaign attempts, I knew there had to be a better way, so I got to work studying and interviewing successful industry pros on what worked for them.  I ran my busy spray tanning salon and staff for nearly 10 years using these methods, and since my business is also … [Read more...]

People StyleWatch With Gigi Hadid | Bronze Your Bod Article, Featuring Tanning Tips From Katie Quinn

People StyleWatch With Gigi Hadid | Bronze Your Bod Article Featuring Kona Tanning's Katie Quinn

Check out the article in People StyleWatch, "How to Bronze Your Bod!"  People interviewed Katie Quinn to get her top tanning tips for self-tanning, bronzing, and everything faux glows. Grab a copy today, and if you're looking for more of Katie's tanning tips, check out her other published tips, and be sure to watch her free "tanning hacks" videos!   * Katie’s expert tanning tips have been featured in such mega magazines as VOGUE, Women’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky, Shape, and … [Read more...]

The Spray Tanner’s Trick to Keeping Moles From Absorbing Too Much Color

The Spray Tanner's Trick to Keeping Moles From Absorbing Too Much Color | Katie Quinn's Spray Tan Central

One dab of this convenient product in the center of moles, and any areas of rough skin that tend to get "spotty" after tanning, will prevent your sunless tan from absorbing too much color!  Spray Tanners, carry one of these E.L.F. lip lock pencils in your mobile tanning or makeup kits, and clean after each use.  Your clients will love it! Or, offer clients their very own packages of pre-sized mole protectors, with Sunless SpotShields!   ARTISTS:  Find out how to get the best … [Read more...]